Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday--May 27th, 2015

Dan Malone has a story on the hiring of Tom McElvoy. The story says Bamford has two more positions to fill, but this was a strong start to the new athletic dept team.


Whipple/UMass has two football camps coming up on June 20th.

With Whipple and Coan as coaches, the QB camp should be a particularly strong one.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ discusses the schedules of OOC opponent Notre Dame and Brigham Young. It's not easy being an independent. BYU who has games scheduled with UMass in 2018 and 2019, opens its 2015 season with @Nebraska, Boise State, @ UCLA and @Michigan...


Western Michigan is looking for an "elite" season in 2015.


ESPN previews 2015 OOC opponent Temple.

The Eagles want to triple Temple's $1 million/year fee for using Lincoln Financial Field.


This site say Notre Dame's receivers are loaded and ready to go.


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