Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday--May 18th, 2015

About three days before I returned, the UMass website reported the UMass Gridiron Club will have their annual golfing day on August 5th. If you golf and haven't ever participated, it's a great way to interact with the coaches and former UMass players.


The 2015 information about the Gridiron Club is here. Again, I urge all UMass football fans to join. Even if you can't do the $100 basic level, every contribution goes directly to UMass football, and every member strengthens the program in the political wars on campus. Make yourself feel good and irritate program's enemies in one swoop! Join today.


On May 12th, Matty Vautour had a post about UMass adding Louisiana Tech to the Minutemen's 2016 schedule. Dan Malone also had a post on the report.

From the Louisiana Tech side, the Monroe Star reports on the game.

The LA Tech Blog "Underdog Dynasty" has a post on the game.

This is a good game for UMass fans. The Bulldogs went 9-5 last year. Note that LA Tech scored over 40 points eight times in 2014. Note also they hung 76 points on Rice. The Bulldogs also handled Illinois in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. There should be a lot of offense for UMass fans to enjoy.

UMass signed on recruit from Louisiana in it's 2015 class and has interest in another for 2016. The game should give the Minutemen some exposure in the the talent rich South.


A Seahawks assistant coach says the spread offense is ruining college players.


The Colorado Blog "The Ralphie Report" says Colorado will have new uniforms for 2015. I like 'em.


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