Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday--May 23rd, 2015

From Whipple's Twitter Feed
Minutemen players get it done in the classroom! Great showing in the Spring semester.


Matty V. reports UMass has hired Tom McElroy as associate athletic director. Matty has more information about McEvoy in this article from March 2015. McElroy's Leffer Agency's bio.This is a very good move folks. McEvoy spent 20 years in the commissioner's office of the Big East. He has deep connections with both the Big East and AAC, which is the conference UMass really covets.

Had Temple stayed in the MAC, we'd probably still be there. UConn and the Owls are the teams UMass would like to be playing every year. It wouldn't be bad for the Huskies either as Boston College continues to turn up their long noses to a annual series with UConn.

Besides UMass football, there is the long term future of Minutemen hoops. Butler and Xavier have already left the A10 for the Big East. Rumor has it St. Louis wants out too. The only A10 team UMass really has a history with is Rhode Island.

If nothing else McElvroy proves UMass is interested in a professional staff for the athletic office. That hasn't been the norm for Minutemen sports and it's been part of the reason why UConn and other Northeast schools have left UMass behind. The country club atmosphere that was pervasive in the UMass athletic dept back in the 70's and 80's hurt UMass sports and the school. If UMass really wants to be a top tier public university, sports is part of the package. And top tier public universities are dead serious about running their athletic departments at the highest level possible.


Pac-12 Blog "Pacific Takes" looks at Colorado's schedule.


Bob McGovern reports Brandon Potvin and Nick Speller are playing for the Trenton Freedom. Trenton's website here.


Army and Navy says they won't bend their scheduling to accommodate the college Playoffs.



Anonymous said...

Country Club atmosphere of the 70's and 80's? ou must have missed the last 10 years, we just got rid of an AD, who was the president of the know nothing, do nothing party, and his assistant who was know as coffee boy. The coaches who have enjoyed no one questioning anything for 10 years have been put on notice. They include hockey, men's and women's basketball, men's lacrosse. Most of been told they have a year to turn it up.

Anonymous said...

Impressed by the very good work the team is doing in the class. Mr. Whipple has his priorities straight, which is no surprise considering his background. Good students make very good teammates, and this will translate to on-field chemistry that will win twice as many games this season as last..

Anonymous said...

Athlon has UMass picked second in the East with a record of 6-6; four named to All-MAC first team: Frohnaphel, Sharpe, Santos - Knox, Jette. Sporting News has the same, but predicts a fifth place finish..

MinutefanJSF said...

MAC EAST is wide open. If Athlon has Umass as second @ 6-6, I assume it means a 5-3 MAC record. Getting to 6-2 or 7-1 and a MAC east title gets them into the MAC championship game!

Anonymous said...

There is certainly some buzz about the possibilities this year. With all of the returning talent, most of which seniors, it will be very important to establish the foundation for '16 and beyond. We'll need top replacements at key positions.