Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday--June 10, 2013

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Wisconsin switches to a 3-4 defense this year. That means UMass Sophomore center Matt Sparks 6-4 275 will be facing off with Honorable Mention All-Big Ten NG Beau Allen 6-3 333.

The idea behind the 3-4 is for the three down linemen to occupy as many of the offensive linemen as possible, thereby freeing the four linebackers to make the play. If UMass has to double team Allen, that would leave the inside Wisconsin LB's free to stop the run. As a nose guard, Allen would be responsible for the "A" gaps  on both sides of Matt.

Allen went 18 ST 19 AT 37 TT 7.5-31 TFL 2.5- Sacks 1 FF in 2012.

The Pats had a lot of success with the 3-4 using 325 pound Vince Wolfork as the run stopper.

The Badgers only gave up 322.6 yards a game in total offense in 2012. That was good for #15 nationally. They were especially good against the run, with opponents only gaining an average of 128.9 yards a game.

Last year Wisconsin didn't play a MAC team. They did play an FCS team and held Northern Iowa to one first down rushing and 51 yards of rushing offense.


Phil Steele reports UMass will be #121 in returning career offensive line starts 2013. That's the lowest in the MAC.


And now, face mask logos?


Meanwhile, Victor Cruz parties with Nas.


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