Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday--June 7, 2013

UMass has announced that a UMass Alum, Ed Ward has made a major gift to Athletics Dept. Special thanks to him for supporting UMass athletics. UMass has a number of prominent alumni, hopefully Ed's generous gift will jump start more gifts to UMass Athletics.

The Minutemen Club is the central fund raising organization for UMass athletics. Please help UMass football by joining. Joining the 100-yard Club shows UMass football has a constituency---and that's a big help in the culture wars that go on in academia. Help Coach Molnar and the team by joining this year!

MassLive has a story about the "UMass Rising" campaign.


A Bleacher Report writer predicts the Alamo Bowl for Kansas State.


Eli Manning wishes Victor Cruz was at the Spring OTA's.

Meanwhile, Victor is endorsing Entenmann’s donuts...


Keron Williams is on the move for the B.C. Lions.

Anton McKenzie is proving himself again this year. The Vancouver Sun says McKenzie's contribution is hard to appreciate.


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