Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Morning stuff

The Sporting News has their All-America team out. Alex Miller, James Ihedigbo, Matt Austin and Steve Baylark are on it for UMass.

Matt Dougherty has a "Best of 2006" column in his Extra Point column. UMass is barely mentioned. I wrote Matt a e-mail saying we were the first team in int A10 to run the table since 1997, beat Montana at their place and won 12 games in a row. Also he picks UNH as the early favorite in the CAA next year. I mentioned that we have beaten Santos and UNH three out of four times since his arrival. Somehow I doubt I'll get a reply.

On a lighter note, campus crime is spreading.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought you were exaggerating that UMass was barely mentioned. That was pretty bad.

UMass74 said...

Yes, some mystery team played ASU in the National Championship game.

The national media was plugging Richmond all pre-season and for the first four weeks of 2006. They finished what---6-5.

Now UNH, JMU and Delaware will rule the A10/CAA in 2007.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter... Matt is more then likely leaving the Sports Network after this season. Hes starting a family and doesnt want to travel as much. It just seems like a mailed in effort. He thought UMass was going lose by 30 off the record.

Tom UM '72 said...

Dougherty's a major "dick"! Hopefully good riddens to bad rubbish!

Tom UM '72