Monday, December 18, 2006

ASU Fans


Anonymous said...

I heard through UMMB parents that the ASU fans were extrememly rude to the UMMB. Lit cigarettes, bottles, and trash were thrown at the band members. My daughter had water thrown at her. The ASU fans screamed in band members' faces. Thomas Hannum, percussion director and his kids were pelted with beer. Extreme behavior from the winning team!

UMass74 said...

Sorry to hear that.

The ASU fans applauded the UMass band concert in the shed prior to the game.

Like the UMass students at the UNH game, a small number of people can ruin a great experience.

For what it's worth, All UMass fans know we easily won the battle of the bands!

After the Navy game, I was at my truck in Navy parking lot, and two sets of Navy fans came over and said:" That's be best band we've ever seen!"

Tell your daughter that all UMass fans appreciate her work and all the Band members efforts!

Go UMass Band!

Anonymous said...

If that was 'extreme behavior from the winning team," what do you call the behavior from the losing team. I was shocked when I was watching CNN on Saturday morning and saw what happened at UMASS! Great public image!

Don't point your finger at a person because there are always three pointing at yourself!

Anonymous said...

The despicable behavior by the UMass students at UMass was inexcusable, stupid, and destructive and is condoned by no one. However, the unsportsmanlike behavior of Appalachian State fans to representatives of UMass was designed to denigrate and personally attack students and UMass staff.

Anonymous said...

I believe if you go to 'youtube' you will see that UMASS students don't need any help in denigrating themselves!

They are posting this embarrassing behavior themselves!!

I understand from reading newspapers articles that UMASS fans did not do such a good job being good sports after the UNH game.

I believe that the alumni of all the schools need to step up and show the students how to behave at a game. Tell the students if they don't want to show respect to each other, show some respect for the insitution they represent. I know I, along with other alumni, told some students to 'pipe down' while the UMASS band was playing before the game.

Heaven knows the NBA and M. Vick sure can't be role models. Don't just sit back and let the students think it's alright, tell them it's not!

I hate it that some folks give a bad image of a university.