Saturday, July 08, 2006

UMass Ranked #8 Pre-Season by Sporting News

Matt Dougherty of Sporting News has completed a journalistic tour-de-force by ranking all 122 teams in Division I-AA. Read it here .

There are many ways to parse his list. Here's one:

The UMass schedule by Dougherty rank.
  • #25 Colgate
  • Navy is I-A
  • #59 Villanova
  • #8 (mid-majors) Stony Brook
  • 28 William & Mary
  • #43 Towson
  • #61 Rhode Island
  • #67 Northeastern
  • #4 New Hampshire
  • # 39 Maine
  • #37 Hofstra
Interesting. I think he underrates the best Patriot League team (Colgate) and the duo of Maine and Hofstra would fare well against many of the teams ranked ahead of them.


saint0917 said...

74, these are not his "Rankings" these are his "Power Rankings"

The Sports Network: "The official Sports Network I-AA Top 25 and I-AA-Mid-Major preseason polls, which are voted on by a panel of sports information directors and media throughout the country, will be released in August"

UMass74 said...

I stand corrected :)

Anonymous said...

No problem, don't let it happen again ;-) I did the same thing too, I posted the rankings on the Umass website as "Ranking" but after I read the article agian I realized it was "Power Rankings" so I had to change it.

saint0917 said...

That was me that posted that, for some reason my name didn't come up, I'll be known as anonymous ;-) I think I forgot to click on the blogger.