Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UMass Drumline

Joining the UMass Football Blog's "UMass Football Links" section is the UMass Drumline . They have an extensive website with lots of video, image galleries and audio links here .

This blog has talked before about the UMass Marching Band before . The Drumline has a thing of its own.

Turn up the volume on your computer speakers all the way and click here !


UMassfan said...

Love the drumline audio link... brings me back to memories of pregame and half times from many years of football... cant wait for homecoming when I am there live.

UMass74 said...

I'm with you umassfan. Just drivin' into the stadium with the UMass band doing percussion in the distance gets me goin'

I (blush) have been playing the drumline audio link several times a day. Even on my crappy computer speakers it's a hoot.

Hey, football is all about being happy...