Wednesday, July 12, 2006

UMass Football 12th in AGS consolidated Poll

AGS keeps a consolidated poll of all the I-AA pre-season rankings here . While polls are just polls and the great strength of I-AA is that our championships are won on the field, it still makes interesting reading.

Currently, the consolidated poll reflects the prognostications of Lindy's, Street & Smith, The Sports Network and AGS' own poll of the I-AA community.


Anonymous said...

This is a reasonable ranking to start the season. Appalachian State, UNH and Montana are desrvedly in the top four, but I personally would add Northern Iowa. Actually any of the top 13 have the potential to win it all. That is what majes 1AA so interesting.

UMass74 said...

I agree. UMass did not make the playoffs last year. The UMass defense was of National Championship class last year, but the offense was average. Some of that was due to injuries.

Loosing our two fifth-year starting tackles for the season really hurt as did injuries to J.J. Moore and Brandon London.