Friday, July 14, 2017

UMass Football Recruiting 2018--Zidane Thomas

Cheryl Evans image
Several recruiting services indicate UMass has offered to Zindane Thomas, a 5-10 205 pound RB from Peoria, AZ.

247Sports three-star player. has video.

MaxPreps has stats.

Hopes to have a 3,000 yard senior season.

Besides UMass, Boise State and Iowa State have offered from FBS.


Anonymous said...

Where is the new running back that you have talked about so much about,anonymous?

Anonymous said...

He is running downhill, straight for Amherst!! Just wait, for admissions to clear him, then you will see. #roadgrader

TopUMassFan said...

Sure hope you're right and soon. I'm beginning to wonder myself. First it was July 1, then the 10th. Now it's July 16th.

Anonymous said...

Another moron from the Mikey board whose job is to nitpick and criticize everything. No one likes your stupid bickering, at least you get info here! This RB is welcome and needed.