Wednesday, July 05, 2017

UMass Football News--July 5th, 2017

Hawaii loses a DL to a head injury from diving.


UMass will receive a record Rutgers payout when the two teams play on August 31st, 2019.


CBS Sports has the most patriotic uniforms in college football.


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I was re-watching UMass-South Carolina on DVR while waiting for company to arrive yesterday.

UMass went head-to-head with a SEC team and did pretty good. UMass had two more first downs than the Gamecocks. We rang up 389 total yards and moved the ball all day long. The defense also came up with some big stops.

Mistakes doomed the Minutemen as we turned the ball over on our first two drives with a Breneman fumble and then we fumbled a reverse. UMass was moving the ball on both those drives. Ford also threw 2 INT's. UMass ended up losing by 6 points on an SEC field. That was the game that Joe Previte hurt his elbow.

Certainly a great effort by the Minutemen.


Anonymous said...

There have been so many games that we had a shot at a signature win, just to come up short.

The Temple game will always be the most painful for me. I left that game as deflated as any other.

That said, i'm very bullish this year and I really think we'll start getting the W's and we'll see the benefit of all these 3 * recruits.

UMass74 said...

We had a chance to beat a top-25 team against Temple and blew it. The missed 22-yard FG against Vanderbilt was also tough.