Saturday, July 08, 2017

UMass Football News---Saturday July 8th, 2017

Mike Traini has a post on the UMass revenues for 2016.

Mark Chiarelli of Mass Live compares revenues and expenses of the New England teams.

Couple of things seem to stand out. One is the drop in ticket sales revenue from the previous years. I would think most of that would be from the Minutemen's struggles in basketball and hockey. As I have said many times, what I know about hockey would fit in a shot glass, but my impression is that of the universe of football fans, the universe of basketball fans and the universe of hockey fans, the hockey fans probably have the highest percentage of season ticket holders. They really love the sport. It was a tough year for UMass hockey in 2016. Mrs Blog and I usually attend about seven or so home basketball games. The games we went to were fairly lightly attended.

I think that explains the coaching changes in both hockey and basketball. The capital improvements in Mullins will also pay off . I like the coaching hires A.D. Bamford has made in women's basketball, men's basketball and hockey. I think the Minutemen are on the rise and that will be reflected in the numbers in future years.


Speaking of season tickets, I've already ordered my football tickets. Get yours now.


Saturday Down South predicts Tennessee to go 9-3 with a win over UMass.

The Vols are currently #3 in the country in recruiting and #1 in the SEC. Tennessee always recruits well and has a massively loyal fan base. My impression is the team tends to underperform the resources available.


CBS Sports has five Group-of-Five teams that could play on New Years Day. UMass plays two of the five...


Athlon Sports power ranks the college football conferences for 2017.


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