Monday, July 03, 2017

UMass Football News--July 3rd, 2017

Appalachian State and South Florida get "favorable" schedules in 2017 based difficulty including playing weaker opponents like UMass.


This article mentions QB Jaret Pallotta verbaling to UMass and also mentions the state of Ohio averages 140 FBS recruits a year.


The latest version of the UMass roster lists five CB's (stats are from 2016):

Jordin Hamilton 20 CB 5-10 172 RSSO 5-1 GP-GS 5 UT 3 AT 8 TT 2.0 TFL 1 PD
Lee Moses 3 CB 5-11 193 JR 11-9 GP-GS 25 UT 19 AT 44 TT 0.5 TFL
Jackson Porter 28 CB 6-1 197 RSSR 10-9 GP-GS
Isaiah Rodgers 9 CB 5-10 155 SO 11-8 GP-GS 21 UT 17 AT 40 TT 0.5 TFL 9 PD 1 FF 1 FR 1 BLK
Charan Singh 24 CB 6-1 RSJR 197 9-1 GP-GS 10 UT 18 AT 28 TT
Joseph Tavares 48 CB FR

Lee Moses and Isaiah Rogers received most of the starts in 2016. James Allen started the first four games of 2016, but had trouble with larger, more physical receivers. He left the program this winter.

Rogers was a two-star recruit in 2016 and did not redshirt. Bakhari Goodson, another two-star 2016 recruit, is now listed as a safety.

The Minutemen add three-star CB Brian Roberts, three-star CB Chris Hunt and two-star Xavier Steele in the 2017 recruiting class. At least one of those three probably won't redshirt.

UMass was #126 out of 128 teams in INT's last year. The Minutemen were also #106 in passing yards allowed. Part of that was the quality of the 2016 opponents, but we need to do better in 2017.

The defensive roster is slowly filling up with three-star recruits and UMass should be more competitive in the future.


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Anonymous said...

I like reading about players we are recruiting. But I don't believe much of the rankings until I see a kid play. Basketball is just as hard to predict. The two "highly" ranked players from NOLA were both average/below average. I loved seeing Chris Baldwin saying, he will be playing with a real high major guard next year( Brantley/Maryland). Jerreau was a low major player with a high major ranking.