Tuesday, April 03, 2018

UMass Football Newws--April 3rd, 2018

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Matty Vautour has a post on UMass wide receivers with Spring Ball having about two weeks to go.

He mentions:

Andy Isabella SR 12-12 GP-GS 65-1020 (7th in single season receptions) 12 TD's 69 LONG 15.7 yards/catch

Jesse Britt SO 4-12 GP-GS 29-422 3 TD's 40 LONG 14.6 yards/catch

Brennon Dingle RSSO 4-12 GP-GS 21-330 4 TD's 43 LONG 15.7 yards/catch

Sadiq Palmer JR 11-12 GP-GS 35-518 1 TD 38 LONG 14.0 yards/catch

Silky Brown SO 5-0 GP-GS 1-7

Zack Simon RSFR Redshirted in 2017

Also on the roster:

Jacoby Herring SR 10-0 GP-GS 7-81 18 LONG 11.2 yards/catch

Jonathan Derolus RSJR DNP in 2017

Jovahn Tucker SO DNP in 2017

Patrick Volcy SO Redshirted in 2017

Melvin Hill SO Redshirted in 2017

Elijah Robinson RSSO DNP in 2017

Patrick O'Reilly, RSSO 5-0 GP-GS played special teams in 2017.

2018 WR recruits:

Samuel Emilus 6-1 200

Wide receivers seem to be the deepest and most talented skill unit on the 2018 Minutemen. I would speculate Isabella would be the "X" receiver, Britt as the "Y" and Palmer or Dingle as the slot receiver. All of them would be the four-wide.

The UMass single season team receiving record was in 1998 306-4050. In 2017 the Minutemen went 272-3570, so the all-time record could within reach in 2018.


A Collegian writer mulls over the philosophy of cheerleading.

UMass Cheerleading's  Facebook page.



Anonymous said...

Would be nice to see a few more defensive linemen instead of stockpiling all these WR.Someones obsession with the passing game could lead to some pretty high scoring losses in the future.Would love to see a balance for a change-and that includes a balanced offense too.Doubt Whip is listening.

Johnnystah said...

Offense wins games, and I don't think we're quite ready to chase a championship.

Anonymous said...

Actually,defense wins more games in the long run and ultimately titles.