Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UMass Football News--April 25th, 2018

UPDATE: Driscoll commits to Auburn. More from College and Mongolia.

247Sports Auburn site also has a post on Driscoll's commit to the Tigers.

AU Now has another story on Driscoll.


NBC Sports says Jack Driscoll has narrowed his choice to Auburn, UCLA and USC.

SEC Country reports on Driscoll's visit to Auburn.


Behind the scenes with Randy Edsell at UConn.

Edsell says he could play a number of true freshmen in 2018.


Josh Mack, the Maine RB who led the FCS division in rushing last year, will transfer to Liberty. He'll have to sit out 2018.

The News Advance looks at some of the Flames 2018 recruits including Jessie Lemonier who had a UMass offer.



Penn State will ban activities by it's outdoor clubs because being outdoors is risky.



Anonymous said...

No one talked about Driscoll tonight, no Whip, no players. Good thing they sent FH and WLax. teams to fill up room.

msumassfootball said...

Why would anyone discuss JD at this point in time? I'm sure everyone wishes him very well, but as in business or the non-profit sector, whenever someone leaves an organization, whether willingly or not, institutional memory is fickle and capricious. People like to move on.

Anonymous said...

Very unfortunate for the program. Looks like he has a good chance of starting at Auburn

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no idea why Driscoll would have come up? Was a guest supposed to ask in the Q&A or was RB supposed to bring it up?

As for the FH and WLax comment, I believe this was a UMass athletics event, not UMass football. Not to mention, it doesn't hurt to bring coaches from two of the more successful programs at UMass. To quote my good friend Anonymous, "SMFH."

Minutefanjsf said...

Unfortunate that he left, and can't help the team. But, for the program, it isn't a bad look. We don't want to be a stepping stone for sure, but people seeing a kid from UMass is capable at paying for Auburn and maybe starting is a good look for the program.

Anonymous said...

UMass gets even with Auburn in 2020 payback is a bitch.