Friday, April 27, 2018

UMass Football News--April 27th, 2018

SEC Country has a post on what Jack Driscoll brings to Auburn. Has video of Driscoll in action against SEC linemen and mentions UMass put up over 100 points against the SEC in the last two season.


The Orlando Sentinel previews FIU and ranks them at #122 for the 2018 season.

FIU has confidence in its rebuilding defense.


2018 opponent Liberty releases the times of the Flames home games.


OT, but the Gazette has quotes from UMass A.D. Ryan Bamford on the NCAA's basketball recommendations. Also quotes from former UMass player Luke Bonner.



Anonymous said...

That is a very complimentary write up on Jack Driscoll.
I just can't get over the lack of institutional coordination that led to his loss.
Was the chancellor involved and if not, why not??
I simply can't imagine that the school of management had 52 better applicants and even if they did, where is the loyalty??
Many years ago I was associated with a division 1 program which would have high school seniors interested in football and medicine INTERVIEW WITH THE MEDICAL SCHOOL at the same time as the college.....That was mostly a marketing ploy but they did in fact frequently have student-athletes go straight from college to medical school and spend 8+ years in the same institution.
I know several that did their medical residencies there for a total of 12+ years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The tour of the medical school was clearly an added mechanism to get the athlete on board but it DEMONSTRATED COORDINATION AND COOPERATION within a very large institution....
The Driscoll case reveals the exact opposite.

Minutefanjsf said...

We don't have the details on the JD situation. The potential exists that he was transferring as a graduate and then last minute after application deadlines etc. decided to stay. He is going to Auburn. He knows he is an SEC player. If we had no knowledge that he may have tried to stay this would be much less of an issue. I don't think any of us would question a player/student who grad transfers from UMass to an SEC school. The level of interest Driscoll had in staying has not been reported. It is possible that he was keeping us a back up plan or applying to stay as a courtesy to Whip. We don't know.

UMass74 said...

"He's gone, Jim!" --Doctor McCoy

Driscoll has moved on. So should we. Bashing the program for a situation where we have zero information does not help.

Join the Gridiron Club and make a positive step for UMass football.

Anonymous said...

In Whipple we trust! 8-4 with three sellouts. Minimum. Bowl bound.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the debate, the fact that everyone has an opinion on JD and UM and any other UM Football subject is a good thing. I see a lot of passion and emotion and that's a GOOD thing! To your Pt Frank, I hope all followers on your site are Gridiron members. If not, plz join this year. Any level of contribution is a good level

msumassfootball said...

I agree, Frank. It's great for Jack that he landed in a great place, and that he has a real chance to start. And as one post mentioned a few days ago, Jack's odyssey is an indirect compliment for, and to, UMass football. There seems to be growing respect for our program--at least in the SEC--and that is a very good thing. I say Mr. Bamford should continue scheduling games with SEC teams. We play well, the team gets better, and this translates to greater exposure and recognition.

Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

SEC body bag games are strictly a cash grab, and a depletion of the troops. Ask Whip.