Monday, February 26, 2018

UMass Football News--February 26th, 2018

Football Scoop and social media are reporting former UMass player and coach Liam Coen has been hired as an offensive assistant by the LA Rams.

Coen will join former UMass assistant coach Shane Waldron at LA.

No Rams bio for Liam yet.


This article about attendees at the Rutgers Junior Day mentions two players I've covered on the blog Shitta Sillah and Izaiah Henderson.


Former Pitt transfer Patrick Amura, is facing three counts of rape after being indicted by a grand jury last month. Amura never saw the field for UMass.


Former UMass player and athletic dept member Thorr Bjorn is featured in this story. The story talks about his time at UMass as well as the current status of URI football and basketball.


OT, but longtime readers of the blog will remember I've been an amateur astronomer most of my life.

This article reports on UMass physicists and undergrads are building a dark matter detector.

WIMPS (weakly interacting massive particles) are possible explanation for the difference in matter that can be observed and the dynamics of mass distribution in galaxies. This page (for the non-math phobic) is a pretty good introduction to galaxy rotation curves with and without dark matter.


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