Saturday, February 17, 2018

UMass Football News--February 17th, 2018

UMass and New Mexico State add a four-game series starting in 2020.

New Mexico state went 7-6 in 2017 and broke a 57-year bowl drought with a thrilling overtime win against Utah State.

Aggie fans were pretty happy with their bowl win.


UMass and Akron added a home and home series in 2019 and 2020.

The Zips, one of the MAC's perennial bottom feeders, surprised everyone by making the MAC's championship game.

Unlike New Mexico State, the Zips bowl game did not have a happy ending.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on UMass scheduling New Mexico State and Akron.


Appalachian State has won 27 of its last 30 Sun Belt games. UMass and the Mountaineers will play again in 2020.



Anonymous said...

I just read the story on the Aggie fans, and say,’will UMASS’fans ever experience this? Or will they stay home and bitch? Thanks to McCutcheon and Kenney for making this road full of sinkholes. It will be sweet when we overcome the mess they created.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming those two has been, we have our own now. Disgusting what mismanagement of the basketball program. Who was in charge of Holloway? Recruiting enough players for this year? Instead we have the coach calling out the four remaining scholarship players. BTW, our AD and coach are looking...already.smfh

Anonymous said...

Le Bron does have to dribble or it is called traveling! Pro sports are in trouble, as the people who buy tix do not support the cause. Look for the NBA to be the next league to slump. Signed, THE NFL.

UMass74 said...

Basketball comments or rants should be on Mike's UMass hoops site. They are OT here.

People who visit the UMass football blog and click on a comment are expecting football stuff.