Saturday, February 10, 2018

UMass Football News--February 10th, 2018

UMass has changed recruiting coordinators. Previously, Charles Walker was recruiting coordinator. The current staff directory lists Steve Costello as defensive Recruiting coordinator and Darius Smith as offensive recruiting coordinator.


SB Nation has s 2018 preseason ranking and has UMass at #102, which is a big jump from last year.

SB Nation also has a graphic on which college recruited best in every state.


Liberty signed Jesse Lemonier, who had a UMass offer.


The Knoxville News says in college football recruiting rankings, three may be the gold nugget.



Anonymous said...

If you miss on recruits-you get replaced. Good to see Whipple has a quick trigger finger.

UMass74 said...

Year----# of three star recruits---247 Sports class ranking

2016 11 three-stars #86 class ranking

2017 9 three-stars #110 class ranking

2018 6 three-stars #117 class ranking

Anonymous said...

Missing trigger finger is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you UMass 74-now we know why we got a new recruiting coordinator...going wrong way.

Anonymous said...

When you have to write seven paragraphs regarding parking for UMass football, then you know they over complicated things-again. How about just adding $10 bucks to ticket price? Our ten assistant AD’s would have more time to cultivate new fans, instead wasting time writing these policies.

Anonymous said...

I would however say this about 2* and 3* recruits, is that the ratings are not necessarily correct. Example: DaSean Downey and Isiah Rodgers are 2 great UM players that any P5 team would've loved to have, that were both low to mid 2* recruits out of high school. My guess is both will be playing on Sundays in the NFL.

msumassfootball said...

Definitely an off year comparatively. If we have more wins combined with the numbers graduating, we should be up to the seven to nine three-star recruits.