Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday--July 22nd, 2015

Dan Malone looks at the college football preview magazines and discovers the average prediction for UMass is fourth in the MAC East.

Dan also looks at the UMass defensive line as the Minutemen get near to Fall camp.


Sports Chat Place previews the 2015 UMass Minutemen.


Notre Dame-UMass game tickets are among the top-25 college football tickets in price.


A Los Angles radio jock discusses Sun Belt expansion and says Richmond or Coastal Carolina would be a better choice than UMass.


Hustle Belt ranks the leagues uniforms.


Former UMass defensive coordinator Keith Dudzinski has been promoted to DC for the Terps.

Coach Dudzinski's Maryland bio.


Hustle Belt continues its series about the MAC league's OOC opponents. This time is Stony Brook. Former UMass RB Stacey Bedell was 2nd team All-CAA for the Sea Wolves last year.

Bedell's Stony Brook bio.


The Giants Blog "Big Blue" looks at how Jeromy Miles will fit into New York's defensive secondary. says Miles is a no risk signing for the Giants.

Big Blue also says Julian Talley is still hanging around.


OT, but an ESPN writer looks at 2015 A10 hoops and thinks UMass is trending down.



Anonymous said...

Nepotism is alive and well at WEEI. They have been pounding away at Josh Maurer, for two days, as if he is big news. The real reason is they are mad that their friend Jon Metarparel has been angling for a job, any job for several years now. Give the guy a break, I think he is fine and the Red Sox suck, along with WEEI. SportsHub please come to WMASS.

Anonymous said...

Callahan and Meterapel are butt boys, who are in love with each other. Dennis is part of the good ole boys club. Meterapel has no talent and is basically unemployable, just ask Herald radio,etc.