Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday--July 25th, 2015

Looks like the weather will be good for the UMass recruiting Clam Bake this weekend. Hope a number of recruits make a good decision to join an up-and-coming program!


Dan Malone previews the 2015 Minutemen running backs. The running game is a big part of Whipple's offense. I remember being in attendance at at Wednesday Sports luncheon and someone asked about Whipple preference during close games. He replied "I'm going to keep handing it to Number 5".

UMass finished 11th in the not-defense heavy MAC in rushing. The Minutemen totaled under a 100 yards rushing in six games: 55 against BC, 88 vs Vanderbilt, 3 against Penn State, 49 against Bowling Green, 52 against Toledo and 67 vs Akron. UMass lost all those games.

Last year in Summer camp, Jamal Wilson was being considered the lead back after Harris left. He averaged 4.4 yards against BC, Colorado and Vanderbilt. UMass has had injury problems in the backfield for three straight years. I would not be surprised if Sekai Lindsey or Marquis Young sees action despite being true freshmen if the current backfield continues to struggle.

BTW, Drew Harris ended up enrolling at the DII Indiana University of Pennsylvania Crimson Hawks.


Our favorite newspaper and  takes a shot at Josh Maurer and UMass football here and here.

Yeah, geniuses, it's Josh's fault the Red Sox suck.


The 2015 Akron Zips look to do it with defense again. Akron could feature two Ohio State, one Colorado State and an Iowa State transfers in their defense. The Zips were #1 in scoring defense and #3 in total defense in the MAC in 2014.


CBS Sports says the Sunbelt commissioner wants the league to end their "addiction" to Power Five money games.


Getting smoked by Marshall in the Poinsettia Bowl still stings for NIU.


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