Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday--July 21st, 2015

Molly O'Mara named as Associate AD for Communications & Public Relations. She will be the primary contact for UMass football. For the last three seasons she functioned in that capacity for the University of Arizona and was the primary contact for Wildcat football.

Besides the obvious wins and losses, it seems to me that a league would look at a school's athletic dept structure to see if is comparable with what other league schools have. UMass AD Ryan Bamford is continuing to build a athletic dept that meets the needs of FBS football.


UMass TE Todd Stafford was arrested Saturday for second degree breach-of-the-peace in Connecticut. Stafford was originally recruited by Coach Molnar as a QB and was switched to TE after Coach Whipple arrived. He did not appear on the two-deep last year.

Dan Malone has a story on Stafford's arrest.


Dan Malone also has post on some uniform changes for the 2015 season.

As I have said numerous times, I like the all-whites for the road uniforms. The all-maroon is good too.

I dunno about the gray. I did not like the black helmets of the Molnar era. Black accent stripes on the helmets and uniforms are OK we did that back in FCS days.


Max Moore of Hustle Belt has been previewing MAC OOC games. This time he does Florida International.


Missouri HC Gary Pinkel says Notre Dame should not get an invite to the college football playoffs because they're not in a conference.


The Sunbelt Conference tables any expansion exploration until after the 2015 season. Mentions UMass not being in their "geographic footprint". Idaho and New Mexico State are???


Maddox Sports previews the 2015 Colorado Buffs.


In yesterday's blog post I mentioned Boston College may have a tough time being bowl-eligible in 2015. Phil Steele released his bowl predictions and the Eagles aren't on it. Nor is UMass, for that matter.



Anonymous said...

Nice to see the new AD hiring experienced D1 personal. Will be interesting how marketing will be under the new regime. What a disaster McCutcheon, Kenney and the rest of that crew were. The results confirm it.

Anonymous said...

Memo to UMASS...why has Derek Kellogg been MIA since the end of the season? Poor job in season, worse job during off season. Media and bloggers continue to give a free pass.