Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday--March 10th, 2014

Coach Whipple doesn't want UMass players feeling comfortable.


Coach Whip's Twitter feed has an interview with Coach after the first practice, but I'm not getting any audio.


The Boston Globe says the "Blarney Blowout" didn't help any aspect of UMass, including the effort to upgrade our football program.

Indeed, last year the training video and Professor Page really put a crimp in to UMass' in-state recruiting. UMass doesn't need any more bad publicity.


Former UMass star Jeromy Miles marries his college sweetheart.


A Cal blog comments on the Golden Bears coaching staff including ex-UMass secondary coach Greg Burns.


Phil Steele bases his  recruiting rankings base on the number of VHT's (very highly touted)  and HT's (highly touted) and then ranks them by percentage of recruiting class. The system basically ignores the HT's, so UMass with 1 VHT and 1 HT recruit is ranked higher than say Wake Forest who had 0 VHT's, but 17 HT players.


This year 102 underclassmen will leave college for the NFL Draft ; the Milwaukee Journal says that's not a good thing.


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