Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday--March 28th, 2014

The Athletic Dept. website has video from UMass' Pro Day.


Ron Chimelis thinks UMass' response to the MAC exit rings hollow.


Coach Whipple and the team are a lot more upbeat. Matty's article has some quotes from Lorenzo Woodley. Whipple's offense is a good one for running backs. The offensive backfield should be a happy place in 2014.

Whipple also said he didn't expect the change to affect recruiting.


Jimmy Kelly of "Hustle Belt" takes a look at what leaving the MAC means for UMass.


Maryland's Randy Edsell want to restrict recruiting to high school seniors.


The Wall Street Journal says the impact of a recent court decision allowing players to unionize is unclear.


The Lions signed James Ihedigbo to a $3.1 million two year deal.


Victor Cruz had a "light-weight" beef with rapper jay Z prior to his signing with Roc Nation. Victor said jay Z's people failed to get in touch with his people.

I'll never have people.


A said...

The real problem here is that McCutcheon still has say in any decision that is made. I don't want to bash the man as he has gotten us this far (with a fair share of bumps in the road), but it is time for some new blood in the AD office. As long as he it at the helm, UMass will forever be stuck in college sports purgatory. The new generation of UMass Athletics need a more energetic approach. The current regime has grown stale and is just barely keeping their heads above water as it is.

I also fully admit that this is my opinion and not fact based.

Anonymous said...

The UMASS Athletic department has no one with any connections in Boston and they have not even tried to develope any. And they wonder why the media ignores them.