Thursday, May 31, 2007

James Bryant seeks to transfer to UMass

James Bryant is seeking to transfer to UMass from the University of Miami.

Bryant is a 6-3 250 pd LB/FB who has earned three letters for the Hurricanes .

He was a highly rated high school player who was a Prepstar All-American, US Army All-American and many other All-Star teams. Described by at least one recruiting service as, "the nation's most physically imposing linebacker".

This was brought to my attention over on the UMass Football message board by search engine wizard "Rocks22".

UPDATE: There's been a lot of comment on the message board about the Miami-FIU brawl. This film clip shows Bryant's bow to the crowd that led to a unsportsmanlike penalty. It looks to me like he bowed to the crowd and did not taunt the FIU bench or players.


Anonymous said...

Does any one have a follow up? Quite the resume.What would be the motive after so much success?More playing time maybe?

UMass74 said...

He didn't get much playing time at Miami except for special teams. I would think he is looking for some playing time.

There are five new assistant coaches with the Hurricanes.

He was also involved in the controversy about the brawl with Florida International. There's plenty of comment on the message board.

Coach Brown has a great track record about bringing in BCS transfers, so I would think he knows more than we do about Bryant's situation.

saint0917 said...

WOW!!!! he would be a nice addition.

Wheeler said...

Assuming he is not a head case at 6-3 250 lbs appears to be an addition to the DLine. Can see him being used like McGuiness as either a down lineman or a blitzer from the corner. From reading the posts appears to have two years of eligibility left. Could be a monster or could be like that transfer from Notre Dame who never played up to expectations

UMass74 said...

Well, we all may be getting ahead of ourselves. He has not cleared admissions yet.

His football career has been a bust so far. You would think he would like to use his last year to actually make some stats. If he is going to do that, he would be on his best behavior.

I think Wheeler's suggestion would be good. Use him as a pass-rushing DE with speed.

Anonymous said...

quote From reading the posts appears to have two years of eligibility left.

He has one year of eligibility left. The post is poorly worded. What it should have said was he could play immediately by tranferring to a CBS (1AA)school. If he transferred to FIU :) he would have to sit out a year.

UMass74 said...

I thought one-year transfers were now verbotin?

From a NCAA news site: "Adopted the transfer of a football student-athlete from a Division I-A institution to a Division I-AA institution for the one-time transfer exception only if the student-athlete has two or more seasons of competition remaining. (Effective Date: October 15, 2006)

UMass74 said...

I meant "Verboten". Sorry, my German spelling is kaput.

Anonymous said...

If he only played in two (2) games in 2006 he might be able to apply for a redshirt. That would give him two years at his next school. I don't know the rules on when the application must be made.

Based on the hurricanes bb he hasn't had any success at Miami.

umass74 has he already been accepted by UMass?

UMass74 said...

I have not heard he has cleared admissions, but I have no special "insider" knowledge.

Anonymous said...

umass74 any new updates on whether this guy actually applied and more importantly was admitted? Looking at the D-Line depth chart were real light in the ass again. This hurt us big time a few years back. While we have great linebackers that can run you need to keep the O-lineman off them. He may also be able to play DE in our scheme.

Anonymous said...

Just an update. James Bryant is doing very well at Louisville. He is in his last season of eligability and using all his resources to make the most of this year. He didnt get any PT the first game against Kentucky and came back the second game playing the whole 2nd qt. He had a few great tackles and an interception. When hes given the opportunity the boy can PLAY! its going to be an exciting season for him. He's one motivated soul.