Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CAA Football on TV in 2007

I was recently lurking on the CAAZone message board---not usually a welcoming area for UMass fans. A poster called Dukie95 had a linkto a story about CAA Football being televised on the Mid-Atlantic Sports network in 2007.

What makes that important to UMass fans is that the MASN is carried by 17 large satellite and cable providers. Both of the large satellite systems, Dish Network and Direct TV, as well as Comcast Cable offer MASN.

UMass fans in any part of the country should be able to see all CAA games offered if they had the "Sports package" offered by those large providers.


Anonymous said...

One of the topics of interest and importance to us is the establishment of a UMASS TV Network that would televise games to eastern Massachusetts. I hope that our student station could tape the games with the equipment they have and transmit on a delayed basis to some of the smaller TV stations in Worcester, Framingham, and Boston. Provide the feed for free or at some minimal cost. It is more important to get our games televised that to make a few dollars. This would give us the on-campus technology to transmit our games instead of depending on commercial stations. The next step would be to acquire the cameras to televise the game live and provide the feed to the stations. The cost for the equipment could be shared by the Athletic Department and fundraising. I would donate.

UMass74 said...

I don't know much about what we would need to produce our own TV video.

Have any other FCS/I-AA teams done what you suggest?

Anonymous said...

I did a study a couple of years ago on the technology (type of cameras and cost) required to televise our football games. It would be expensive but not prohibitive. It is the type of equipment the station will want to acquire eventually,

Start with something simple. Today our TV station has the equipment necessary to tape the weekly coaches’ show, edit them and broadcast them on a delayed basis. They could also tape the weekly Wednesday Sports lunches for rebroadcast. I don’t think this would require ANY additional equipment. I would hope the Athletic Department and Channel 19 would begin next fall. These shows should be begun next fall! They could be put on a CD and mailed to TV stations.

UVC-TV 19, UMass Amherst's student-run television station.

Presently who tapes the football practices? Who edits the film?

Televising our football games, lacrosse games, high school games or any other games played at Alumni Stadium - on a delayed basis - is a question of priorities and interest on the part of our Athletic Department and student run TV station. If UMass provided the signal - would stations televise the games, initially on a delayed basis and eventually live? Could the station recoup some of its costs by televising high school games on a delayed basis and eventually live?

UMass74 said...

Bill Sisler does the video work for UMass Football. I don't know who else you could approach.