Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Contract Extensions and Marcel Shipp

Matty Vautour has an article here about a possible c0ntract for Coach Brown. Brown certainly deserves it. He has brought a new spirit of accomplishment and winning attitude to UMass.

This blog also thinks that UMass Athletic Director John McCutcheon should be considered for an extension himself. This Blog goes back 30+ years and for too long in UMass history the AD job was was held by non-professionals----to the great detriment to UMass sports.

UMass legend Marcel Shipp has also signed a contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals. The official Cardinals article is here . There were a number of newspaper articles, but perhaps the best is in the North Jersey Herald here .

The Cards have a Shipp highlight video here (real player).


Tom UM '72 said...

Yes indeed, the job McCutcheon has done here is spectacular considering what it was when he arrived and as you stated the ineptness of the last 2 or 3 previous regimes! Kudos to the AD!


UMass74 said...

I know some UMass fans had issues with Bob Marcum, but I did not. What I was talking about was that he was a PROFESSIONAL AD.

For a long time the AD job was a political plumb staffed by nonentities.

UMass could have been in the Big East. We were unprepared, unprofessional and inept. I remember a newspaper interview of a previous AD. He said "Well, we could make money on basketball, but what's the point?"

Back in the old days the Athletic Dept was run on "country club rules'. At 9:00am "He's not in yet". At 11:00am "He's gone to lunch". At 1:15 pm "He's not back yet" At 3:00pm "He's gone for the day"

Meanwhile Coach Reid was sleeping on friend's floors during recruiting trips to save money...

In 1970 UConn was right where we were. They made a management decision they wanted to win to build support for UConn. They did the WORK, while we took three hour lunches.

What has Conn invested (in non-athletic support) for UConn in the last 15 years? $3 Billion?