Monday, September 11, 2006

Wow! What an effort by the UMass Defense!

Don't let the 1 point loss obscure maybe the best ever defensive effort on the part of UMass.

The Navy option ran up 700 yards of offense against Colorado State in the poinsettia Bowl. They ran for over 400 yards against Colorado State last week.

Check out the defensive stats for the UMass-Navy game!
  • Navy had only 14 first downs
  • 268 total rushing yards
  • 44 yards lost rushing
  • Only 87 yards in the second half
Navy was fumbling because a UMass player was in the middle of the Navy backfield all day. Note the two batted pitches when a UMass defensive player went flying by the pitchman.

The totals could have been even better. In the first half the defense was in position, but the burly Navy backs were running out of UMass tackles. In the second half, we wrapped up and Navy had only 87 total yards.

Note that our star LB Brad Anderson was suspended for the game. If he had been available , we would have made life even more miserable for Navy.

In a blazing hot Navy-Marine Corps stadium the UMass defense played one of the best (if not the best) ever defensive efforts in UMass history.

Image above by Larry French.

UPDATE: Matt Vaoutour has an article on the Navy game here (registration required, but worth it)


dennisdent said...


Thanks for the great pictures!

I totally agree with you about the UMass defense causing the problems for the Navy option attack. I can't believe the arrogance of some (not all) of the Navy fans on their message aboard to UMass and their own team. The Army fans were much more humble and objective in their views on last year's game. It seems that the short-term success of the Navy football program has gone to some of the fans objectivity. Kind of reminds me of GSU fans during their glory days...

Brown out-coached Johnson's offense--plain and simple.

UMass74 said...


Navy is a great place and has great fans. As a Navy vet it was great to be there.

But the weather was perfect. The only reason Navy was putting the ball on the ground was because a UMass defensive player was closing FAST on the pitch guy. The local press also tended to report the game as "Navy plays badly, but does enough to beat that other team, whatitsname".

Give Navy credit. They ran through UMass tackles in the first half.

But believe me that the UMass defense was arriving right where they should have been. In the first half we did not finish sometimes, but technically we put on a textbook lession on how to stuff the option.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Morris should be summarily dismissed for the BS play calling. We should have won this game and thanks to Morris' dumbass trick plays we lost by 1. The guy belongs assistant coaching my high school freshman team - and even then he should not be calling plays. Disgraceful job. There is no way on earth we should have gone with a halfback pass. I'm livid.