Sunday, September 24, 2006

UMass-Stony Brook Images

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The game was 42-0 with about three minutes left in the second quarter. It could have been 84-7 if UMass had wanted.

Good game for the UMass special teams. UMass only threw 8 passes in the first half and two in the second.

Good win for UMass and an excellent time to go into the bye week.


Tom UM '72 said...


Any info on injuries or transfer outs? I'm hoping Freeman will be back(injury?) but figure Meggett and/or others might have left due to lack of PT.


UMass74 said...


I looked for both Freeman and Meggett at the game. They were not dressed and I did not see them on the sideline.

Most injuried players wear their game jerseys i.e. Cuko and Grochowalski. Sean Calicchio was there but his arm was in a sling.

Did not see Freeman or Meggett. Academics maybe?

UMassfan said...

Tom... Freeman was suspended for half the season. He will be playing in the last 5 or 6 games.

umassfan said...

Meggett too was suspended for half the season. Both him and Freeman will be back after the W&M game.