Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh man. It was that close!

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UMass fans can be proud of the effort. Don't believe any Navy coment that they played badly. UMass took it to them for most of the game.

There was a large and vocal UMass contingent. The band was great as usual.

We made three mistakes. That called back TD on the kickoff. We tried to pick up a Navy fumble instead of falling on it. And if Rasheed had made that catch at the end of the first half. Just one of those plays and we win...


Mr. A said...

UMass was by far the better team today. I knew they were going to be a challenge, but I was really surprised by the athleticism and tenacity of the UMass defense, and equally freighted by the ability of the UMass offense. From that first kick return I got an ominous feeling, and have to tip my hats to the efforts of the UMass players and coaching staff. The UMass players did something today that no other team has done to Navy in the past few seasons; they got into our heads. Hampton was rattled, Kaipo was rattled, the entire offense seemed to shut down. I wish the Minute Men he best for the rest of the season, and hope they come back nothing short of a National Championship. As for my own team, I only hope we regain enough confidence so as to not be blown out at Stanford next week.


(BTW, what a classy group of fans. We even had a man come down in our section waving a sing that said "UMass salutes Navy." Great stuff.)

saint0917 said...

What a great game. Like you said 74 one play here or there and Umass could have won. Oh well. Congrats to Navy, good luck the rest of the way.

Tom UM '72 said...

Saw the game on CSTV. This could be the most talented team we've ever had including '98, '99, '03.
As mentioned on the UMA board, the play selection was bad, too many 3rd and 1 or 2 that we blew with "cute" plays instead of our strengths. Announcers commented on that and that we are very talented & deep. Hope the play selection gets better though and we did have many chances to pull it out.


ironhorse said...

Great pictures. Wish we were there. Sorry we had to miss such a great game.

UMass74 said...

Hi Adam and guys:

Just got home after burning about 1,300 miles in three days. It was a great time.

Didn't mean to take anything away from Navy. In the first half we were meeting the option on every play, but they were running out of our tackles. We did better in the second half.

But it was a tough loss. We were so freakin' close. I got back to my motel and I was so wound up I could not sleep...

I'll do some follow-up stuff tommorrow after I get some sleep :)