Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More 2005 Playoff stuff

The I-AA Championship bracket above is a rip-off from I-AA.org. View the complete article here

There have been many rants about who will win the National Championship (including my first round picks. Scroll down), but I would like to ask the UMass Football Fanzone visitors who you would like to see win the Championship. Actual likelihood of that happening should not be considered.

My Choices from this year's 16 are:

  1. UNH. I live in the great Granite State. UNH is a hockey school that has more or less ignored football for years. The Wildcats winning the championship with one of the worst stadiums in I-AA (Crowell stadium is famous for having icicles inside the visitors dressing room) would be wonderful
  2. Hampton. Remember why the HBC's are historically black----racism and segregation. The black schools took what was given them and created a parallel football universe that is very cool. Go Pirates!
  3. Colgate. (I realize that this conflicts with #1 above) A small school in the middle of nowhere takes a bunch of kids who got 1300+ on their SATs and rises to shake the I-AA world. The Raiders have proved that they can compete. Now if only the Ivys would follow the Patriot League's lead.
  4. Richmond. Gotta go with A10 solidarity (I realize this conflicts with my #2 pick). If I could root for the Hens in 2003, then I guess I can cheer for any A10 team.
  5. Texas State. Just because it is their first trip the the playoffs...


colgate13 said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts! We hope to show what we can do on Saturday against the nation's best!

Rusty '77 said...

1. UNH - I'm a UMass season ticket holder who attends the UNH-UMass game every year with a good friend who is a UNH alum. If UMass is out, I'd like to see him happy.

2. Richmond - Go A-10!

3. Lafayette - Would delight in seeing a great academic school topple a Southern Conference football power like A-State.

4. Cal-Poly - The MIT of the West Coast.

5. Hampton - They would be the only perfect team, 15-0.