Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hofstra dominates, knocks UMass out of playoffs

In their three previous losses this season, UMass could make the case that the game could have gone the other way. UMass had lost three games by a total of 16 points.

Not this game. The final score does not reflect how much Hofstra controlled the game. UMass was outplayed on all facets of the game.

The UMass write-up is here .

I'll be up with more game articles Sunday morning.


Tom UM '72 said...

This loss was a poor display of this
team's character. How could you not come to play in a game like this? I have to put a lot of the blame on Brown and his staff. He defends his team's play always and doesn't seem to shoulder any of the blame for lack of discipline and motivation. If he can't get his team "up" for a game of that magnitude, the future looks bleak!

This season was a bust and the defense was vastly overrated. No excuses and if you can tell I am one pissed off alum!!!

UMass74 said...
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UMass74 said...

UMass sounded flat. Perhaps they played themselves out with the big effort against Army.

I'll be blogging more on UMass' problems. However, one thing jumps out...lack of offense.

You won't win many big games scoring 10 points. UMass struggled to run the ball all season...and the UMass offense is centered around running the ball.