Monday, November 28, 2005

Good things in 2005

Well, we didn't make the playoffs, but UMass Football had a lot of accomplishments in 2005. It shows the level of the UMass program when going 7-4 in the nation's toughest conference is a disappointment.

Time to reflect on what went right in 2005

  • Went 7-4 against what was arguably one of the toughest schedules in the country
  • Beat a playoff team (Richmond) on their own field
  • Beat both Maine and Delaware on the road (maybe for the first time)
  • Ranked #1 in I-AA in scoring defense
  • Ranked #3 in I-AA in total defense
  • Ranked #1 in the A10 in Scoring defense, total defense, pass defense and net punting
  • Ranked #1 in I-AA in net punting
  • Took a I-A team (Army right to the wire in their own stadium)
  • Two A10 Defensive Player-of-the-week awards (Smith Sept 4th, Jason Hatchell Sept 25th)
  • Three A10 Rookie-of-the-Week awards (Coen Oct 23rd, Oct 30th and Nov 6th)
  • Two A10 Special Teams Player-of-the-Week awards (Cuko Oct 16th, Byrd Nov 13th)
  • All of the A10 awards went to non-seniors!
  • 10 A10 All-League players (see previous blog entries)
  • Another 1000 yard season for Steve Baylark (he has a chance at four consecutive 1000 yard seasons---a feat accomplished only twice before in I-AA)
Throw in that great effort against I-A Army on national television and it was a pretty good season!

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