Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday--August 13th, 2015

UMass single game tickets are on sale.


Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt previews UMass.


Dan Malone previews Eastern Michigan. The Eagles went 2-10 in 2014, but upset Buffalo, a team that handled the Minutemen last year. The Eagles OOC schedule is manageable  they're going to be clobbered at LSU, but Old Dominion, Wyoming and Army are ranked #108, #114 and #121 by Phil Steele.

FYI, Steele ranks Colorado as #46, Temple at #61 and FIU at #103


Speaking of Phil Steele he rates Penn State transfer Daiquan Kelly as a "very highly touted" player and had him ranked #55 in his linebacker recruiting list. The whole MAC conference only signed three VHT players in 2014. has a post on Kelley's transferring to UMass.

Centre also has a report on Kelly's leaving Penn State.


The UMass Daily Collegian has a post on AD Ryan Bamford's announcement UMass will pay COA for scholarship athletes.


247 Sports has a preseason "Top 247 college players". Five MAC players made the list including QB JoVan Santos-Knox and Tajae Sharpe from UMass. Full list here.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ says MAC West conference running backs will likely decide the league title.


This article by Buffalo features Bulls RB Anthone Taylor, who ran all over the UMass defense last year to the tune of 237 yards.


Victor Cruz will be the focus of an upcoming Showtime Sports documentary.



Anonymous said...

We should be thankful that we hired a great, active AD in Bamford. Can you believe two do nothing's got hired to ruin other programs? McCutcheon and Kenney were two dysfunctional and inept administrators. They set the athletic program back a decade.

Alex Silva said...

In the top 247 college football players post, I think you meant to say Sharpe and Santos-Knox were included and not Sharpe and Frohnapfel. Otherwise, great links! I love reading this blog everyday!

UMass74 said...

You're right. Sometimes my fingers don't type what my brain is thinking :)