Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday--August 24th, 2015

Dan Malone reports Mark Whipple says Sekai Lindsay has shown some flashes. Lindsay's UMass bio.The Minutemen running game needs to be more productive than it has been in the last two years. Hopefully, the running backs will push each other and the end result will be a more balanced UMass offense.


Dan also reports Whipple is looking for some leadership.

Dan has a post about ten underclassmen to keep an eye on this year.


Matty Vautour also has a post on Lindsay's good impression in Saturday's scrimmage.


Bob McGovern of Maroon Musket has some roster changes. Latest UMass roster.


Notre Dame was ranked #11 in the AP preseason poll. Sports writers, ya gotta love 'em. Nobody in the country believed someone other than Ohio State was #1. I personally know people like that. They're big, big fans of ------ whoever won the Super Bowl last year.


Sports on Earth looks at the PAC-12 including Colorado.

The Buffs also have a freshman RB that's turning heads in Fall camp. Patrick Carr's Colorado bio.


Chip Scoggins, the defensive coordinator at Minnesota thinks defense should be more important in college football.


Victor Cruz stars in a new Footlocker commercial.

Giants blog "Big Blue" reports on Jeromy Miles progress in NY's training camp.



Anonymous said...

Ucon with an awful team is doing a better job pushing tickets. Pratt and Whitney employees, Insurance Co's all in Hartford, allowed to purchase $10 tickets, ads in newspapers,etc
UMASS...crickets and more crickets.

Anonymous said...

Give the new regime a chance. We all know they old crew was awful, most have left or told to leave. The #1 and # 2 guys last year were both mailing it in, and basically AWOL. Bamford has replaced 75% of his staff, and is only left with a couple of stiffs. What a upgrade Bamford and McElroy are over McCutcheon and Kenney.

MinutefanJSF said...

Umass has alway pushed the $10 tickets. They are also pushing a great package for Gillette $80 for four seats and a $20 voucher for in stadium (concessions or memorabilia). Umass has lots of advertisements in the Eastern Part of the state, and this is the time they will start pushing it. Having the bye the first week matters in marketing.