Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday--August 21st, 2015

UMass has some video from Wednesday's practice and comments from DT Robert Kitching and coach Whipple. Kitching's UMass bio.

At 6-2 310, UMass fans hope Kitching is a force in his senior season at NT. In 2014 He went:

12-3 GP-GS 8 UT 35 AT 43 TT 5.5-12 TFL 0.5-1 SACKS. Kitching led the Minutemen with two blocked kicks.


Dan Malone has five questions with freshman RB Andy Isabella. Not all track guys are football players. One track player who UMass fans remember was Adrian Zullo, who was instrumental in the Minutemen's National Championship. At 5-7 155 Zullo was a tough football player. UMass needs all the team speed it can get (UMass fans who went to the Penn State game last year know what I mean). Hopefully Isabella can add a dimension to the Minutemen offense.


Dan Malone has a post on Day Four of training camp with some images.


Matty Vautour has a report on how Trey Seals and Kassan Messiah hope to be in opponents backfield a lot more in 2015.


John Connolly of the Boston Herald says Blake Frohnapfel takes the lead role for the Minutemen.

Rotoworld reports Frohnapfel has a nice touch on deep passes.


Anthony Chiusiano of the Daily Collegian says the veteran UMass offensive line looks to improve run blocking.


The Worcester Telegram reports former UMass player Nick Haag still tries to stay in touch with Jeromy Miles and Vladimir Ducasse.

The UMass Facebook page has post on Jeromy Miles and Julian Talley.


Victor Cruz suffers a calf injury.


A Utah reporter looks at Colorado.


The Boston College blog "BC Interruption" comments on poll that ranks UMass as 114th in the nation.



Anonymous said...

why do you give so much attention to b sleaze? that blog is written by a umass Dartmouth grad, who lives in moms basement, making 7900 a year collecting bottles and cans so they can eat.

TopUMassFan said...

I know all of MinutemanNation has high hopes for this season. We're expecting a lot from our offense and were looking for a lot more from our defense and special teams. We want more wins, bigger wins and to be in the hunt for the MAC title.

Lofty goals for sure. I'm going to sure try and enjoy the ride through the season.

I think the REAL FUN will begin when Coach Whipple has been at the helm for four or five years, when the depth charts are filled out deeper and players are four and five year guys under him. THAT'S going to be an exciting time to be a UMass fan.

Can't wait for kickoff this year and the years ahead!