Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday--August 10th, 2015

I was down at the UMass Football Performance Center last week. The football reception area had the following artist renderings of some modifications to McGuirk.

Right click on the image and blogger displays a larger view.

There was no handout about the renderings, but adding a deck to the East side and endzone seats would probably push McGuirk from 17,000 to 25,000 or so. That would be sufficient for MAC-level play, but no Power Five team would ever visit. When Michigan visited UConn at Rentschler in 2013 (capacity 40,000), Michigan pushed hard to move the game to a larger venue.

In A.D. Bamford's Twitter feed,  he said no construction planned for McGuirk this year.


UMass athletes (including football) helped out with Special Olympics this weekend.


Dan Malone previews Toledo. Many pundits predict Toledo to win the MAC East. UMass rang up 423 yards of total offense against the Rockets last year. What Toledo had and UMass didn't was Kareem Hunt. The Rockets rushed for 295 yards (6.0 yards a carry) in their win over UMass.. Hunt totaled  1,631 yards last year, that was 319 more yards than the whole Minutemen team.


The Hampshire Gazette has an AP story about Colorado looking to regroup under HC McIntyre.


The Miami Herald says solid defense will be the foundation of Florida International's success in 2015.


The Orlando Sentinel says Notre Dame has the most talent of the Brian Kelly era.


Sports Illustrated says the Lions' secondary including James Ihedigo are the 7th best in the NFL.


Victor Cruz discusses his recovery and 2015 hopes.



Minutefanjsf said...

Hi Frank, thanks for posting the drawings! A few things stood out to me. If you have any insights could you share?

1 the rendering seems to show a total rebuild of the home side not just adding a deck-seats to the fence and new entry to the stands. The visitor side looks like the "old set up" walkway and steps between the stands and fence. I know it is an artist rendering and not a plan, so it could be artistic license, but hopefully not!

2. The phrasing in the left corner says option B. Any idea or evidence of other options?

3. Scoreboard for north end zone appear anywhere?

TopUMassFan said...

I like the artist's renditions of what McQuirk could look like. I'm assuming that seating capacity would work for 95% of our games. If a Power Five team were to come on the road to play us, would Gillette be an option for one game a year, like BC did a few times at Foxboro (Against Alabama I believe )?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the McGuirk upgrade and for doing this blog for such a long time. Really enjoy it and stop by almost everyday.

Anonymous said...

Conspicuous that renderings were made public but no mention by the university. That these are labeled "option 8" suggests others were considered. I'm really curious about what the AD has to say. Looks a little like a slightly larger version of Alumni Stadium. I wonder if it's the same architect? If the west side of the stadium were to be rebuilt the same way, we're looking at a 45,000 seat stadium. .

UMass74 said...

I would assume UMass wants to keep our relationship with Mr. Kraft and Gillette going. Even if the state should build us a modern 35,000 seat stadium (I'm dreaming, I know!), I would imagine the UMass brass would like to play a Power 5 team at Gillette once a year.

As I view the drawings, it seems to me that the Press Box side (the old "home" side we all sat for decades) would be little changed. The new home side (the East Side) would have a upper level and side stairways added on the the existing structure. The new endzone structure (I can't tell if it's intended to be concrete or metal) would probably house underneath rest rooms and concessions.

I'm open to suggestions about a North End Zone scoreboard. Where would you put it? You would not want to obscure the new Performance Center. The Performance Center is by far the newest and best architectural feature of the stadium. Maybe some sort of futuristic narrow "stock market ticker" type strip???

Minutefanjsf said...

I agree you don't want to take away from the new structure architecture, but watching games last year when the action was going north and not being able to see a clock was less than ideal. I'd go for a banner style like in the garden. I think Mullins needs a banner scoreboard too.

Anonymous said...

No, I like the 1993 revolving banner ad-board at the Mullins Center. I enjoy it getting stuck and not being able to read the ads, so entertaining, so out of date.