Friday, August 10, 2018

UMass Foothball News--August 10th, 2018

The UMass Football Twitter feed has a video on the offensive line. Coach Foley praises Larnel Coleman, who is 6-7 and now over 300 pounds. He will probably take over the LT spot.

So the starting OL could be:

RT Larnel Coleman 6-7 300

RG Lukas Kotler 6-4 315

C Derek Dumais 6-4 330

LG Jake Largay 6-4 335

LT  Ray Thomas-Ishman 6-5 350

That's a big offensive line.


UMass announces beer and wine will be available at McGuirk this year.


Fan Sided site "Chowder and Champions" says UMass is set to have it's best FBS season.


Taylor Edwards/ Sarah Crosby image
Josh Walfish reports a trio of players look to replace Adam Breneman at TE

Taylor Edwards is up to 6-4 255.


Coastal Carolina, who beat UMass last year and then went on to lose nine straight games (sigh) looks to improve in 2018.


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