Monday, August 06, 2018

UMass Football News--August 6th, 2018

The Minutemen ran their first scrimmage of the Fall camp yesterday. The UMass website has an image gallery from the scrimmage.


Not a lot of football news on the intertubes this morning. Mass Live has not done a UMass story in more than a month.

Lets look at the redshirt freshmen for 2018. If I counted right, UMass will have 18 RSFR available this year.

In the already crowded WR corps we have:

Zac Simon 5-10 180.

Jovohn Tucker 5-8 165

Patrick Volcy 6-2 210

Melvin Hill 6-2 195

One new TE becomes available.

Solomon Siskind 6-4 220

One RB.

Victor Santiago 5-9 165

Three offensive linemen.

Spencer Goldberg 6-2 280

Jaylen Larry 6-3 275

Brian Abosi 6-8 310

One LS

Harry Blair 6-3 205

One kicker

Evan Padilla 5-7 160

Seven defensive players become available:

One Safety

Claudin Cherrelus 6-1 210

Two CB's

Chris Hunt 6-0 185

Brian Roberts Jr 6-0 195

Four DL's

Chris DiTommaso 6-4 275

Zack Loan 5-11 240

Alex Piechocki 6-5 255

Caeleb Washington 6-1 250

Of the  offensive linemen Brian Abosi could make the two-deep. Maybe all of the defensive linemen might be in the rotation. Chris DiTommaso could start. The Safety position is pretty deep, but Claudin Cherrelus will get some reps.



Anonymous said...

Frank, what is the word on the incoming freshman - Josh Jefferson, the Canadians, and the few others?

UMass74 said...

Mike Traini over on the "Fight Massachusetts" board said the Canadians were still hung up on the cross-border clearing house issues, but should be in.

He also said Josh Jefferson was coming, but I have not heard if he's in or not.

UMass74 said...

BTW, the status of the recruits not in yet would be an excellent question from Josh Walfish to Coach Whipple.

He's the Gazette's UMass beat writer, and with MassLive apparently out of the picture, the only professional reporter with access to the Athletic Dept.

Anonymous said...

MassLive devotes a reporter to publishing the police log every Monday during school year.

UMass74 said...

If a Minutemen player saved a child from a rabid dog..

Boston Globe -- "UMass football player kills puppy!"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Josh needs to ask Whip that question. 1-1/2 weeks into camp and some of our highest ranked recruits have not reported to camp yet - why?

Anonymous said...

MassLive is working that story...details coming.