Thursday, June 14, 2018

UMass Football News--June 14th, 2018

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Matty Vautour has a touching story about Paul Gorham and his love of coaching. I admire guys who never quit; Gorham never did.


Las Vegas releases its over and under for all 129 FBS teams. UMass gets a 5 win prediction.


The NCAA released two rule changes recently. Players will be able to play up to four games and still receive a medical redshirt. That's sensible with the 12 to 13 (with bowls) games most teams now play. In addition, player will no longer have to request their release from their current team in order to transfer.

USA Today has a post on how the transfer and redshirt rules will affect college football.

Sports Illustrated says the new rules are a win for both coaches and players.

The redshirt rule will allow freshmen to play some games and still redshirt. That should help motivation.

ODU Coach Wilder says the rules are a big day for college football. Quote from the story:

"Wilder said he instructed his staff to call the players in his 2018 recruiting class to notify them of the rule change and to deliver a message:

“They’re playing this year,” he said."



Anonymous said...

Matt Vautour Thank You for the great article on Spaulding Gorham. Paul and Mark Whipple were the main reason my son Christian came from Florida to play at UMASS. Both of these coaches along with Don Brown are special individuals who promised and delivered.
I was blessed to attend the 2017 UMASS vs FIU game in Florida and had the opportunity to Thank Paul personally again for all he did.
4 years of forever memories and great relationships that included (Blizzard at Colgate, playing at Army, Navy, and Beating Montana). Thank you Paul, Frank big Thank You for your blog and the whole UMASS FAMILY!
Susan Koegel

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you,Susan. CJ was a definite weapon that consistently flipped field position in favor of UMass. I enjoyed watching many a game in your company. My best to you and CJ! Peter Miller