Wednesday, June 13, 2018

UMass Football News--June 13th, 2018

UMass Director of Football Operations Paul Gorham passed away on June 9th. Fifty-seven is too young to leave. Condolences to Gorham's family and the UMass football staff.

The Spun also has a post on Gorham's passing.


There's a new edition of the Spring roster up.


Victor Santiago Athlete SO

Elijah Robinson WR RSSO

Patrick O'Reilly WR RSSO

Jake Froehlich LB RSJR

Number changes

Jesse Britt #1 ex-5

Brennon Dingle #4 ex-10

Andy Isabella #5 ex-23

Zach Loane #90 ex-56

Joe Privite #98 ex-61


Jackson Porter has signed with the Baltimore Ravens.



msumassfootball said...

May Paul rest eternally. What sad news. Entirely too young is right.

Anonymous said...

Classy guy.