Tuesday, January 09, 2018

UMass Football Recruiting 2018--Jake Moody

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Jake Moody, a 6-1 180 pound kicker from Northville, MI has Tweeted he's received an offer from UMass.

247Sports page here.

Kohl's kicking Camp profile here.

This article from September of 2017 features Moody.

Hometown Life also has a story about Moody.

Besides UMass, Moody has offers from Texas State, Air Force and two MAC teams.


Anonymous said...

Hope Bamford has the fortitude to bring in a new Offensive Coordinator even if Whipple has difficulty giving up his special toy.Practicality over ego-it is past time for this.

Class of 2012 said...

Last year showed how important a kicker is. Whip needs to make sure we have this position nailed down. Especially this season.

Anonymous said...

Moody seems like an impressive kicker. Could be the most important scholarship offer of the 2018 class. While many schools are reluctant to give kickers scholarships as in coming freshman, I believe our nightmarish experiences these past years (exception of course with Laurent), means we cannot take any chances. Much of the winning success in this year's back half was on Logan. We NEED a good kicker now to fill Logans place, period, end of story.

UMass74 said...

Amen to that. I'm not sure how much scholarship money we have tied up in kickers already, but we would have won a number of games we lost over the last six years. The two Temple games in particular, stand out.

If this guy can kick, I'd find the money some how.