Wednesday, July 26, 2017

UMass Football recruiting 2018--Shatar McClay II

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A couple of days ago I blogged about Shatar McClay verbaling to UMass.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on McClay signing with the Minutemen.

The best deal is one that benefits both parties. UMass could certainly use a player of McClay's caliber. Joining UMass could benefit McClay too. Tennessee is a great program with a huge fan base.
However, It's easy to get lost in a recruiting class that includes eight four and five star recruits.

UMass offers playing time and a chance to be a big frog in a smaller pond. McClay has a full year to get his grades in order.

Lets hope he gets a chance to shine with the Minutemen.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the bulldozer giving Marquis a few pancake blocks along with a few bruising runs of his own!! Y'all will be talking about the ground game after the opener on 8/26, Kickoff 6:00PM.

Anonymous said...

Anon. is either a provocateur or a raconteur--or both. But he's certainly deluded. This has been going on now how long? Since April?

Anonymous said...

At least Mr. Anonymous was right about the start time for the home opener. Impressive. I don't see the bulldozer come though unless he is talking about. Maybe he is referring to FB Malik Lee, who is a big boy, or the running back from Syracuse, Jordan Fredericks, that is already on campus and needs to sit out a year.