Thursday, July 20, 2017

UMass Football News--July 29th, 2017

Kevin Dillon of MassLive also has a story on Ford.

Ford went 11-9 GP-GS 222-365 2665 26 TD's 14 INT's 74 LONG 61% 7.3 AVE/P 242.3 AVE/G

Since Ford only started 9 games 75% of the season, we could expect him to have some pretty impressive numbers in 2017. Playing fewer Power Five teams in 2017 should also help. Ford would seem to be the locked-in starter for 2017 and 2018. 


UMass has five QB's on the Spring roster. Besides Ford there are:

Blaine Almeida #3 QB 5-11 191 RSFR DNP in 2016
Ross Comis #2 QB 6-0 200 RSJR 4-3 GP-GS 28-63 370 1 INT 1 TD 58 LONG 44% 5.9 AVE/P 92.5 AVE/G
Michael Curtis #17 QB 6-2 210 JUCO transfer in Spring
Randall West #13 QB 6-4 233 RSSO 3-0 GP-GS 3-5 45 yards 43 LONG

Comis' numbers were impacted because he started against #25 Florida and Boston College who had the #9 ranked defense in 2016. ACL injuries usually requires a year to heal, so he might not be 100% until later in the season.

Michael Curtis appears to have three years of eligibility.

In a 2-10 season, Randall West did not have much chance to play. 


Joe Biddle of says Tennessee is a "slam dunk" winner over UMass.

Speaking of the Vols, their current running back roster has a total of one career starts.


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Anonymous said...

We have a good base of returning players, arguably better than any previous year while in the FBS. Find the playmakers and get them on the field. Establish the chemistry that leads to consistently productive play and wins will come. A little luck will also be helpful. The speed and skill are there, and if the will and desire are strong, this team should be successful. I agree with Frank: recruiting has been increasingly impressive. The team needs to be challenged by Whipple. We need overachievers and good decision making on the field and on the sidelines.