Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday--May 12, 2013

Life's pretty drab for a college football fan in May. Spring football's over. The College previews aren't out yet. Not much press coverage.

I've been watching old UMass games I've DVD'd. I've also been reading "The Essential Smart Football" on my Kindle.

It has a chapter titled "Victor Cruz, the New York Giants, and the adaption (and assimilation) of the run-and-shoot." Interesting stuff.

The book has another chapter that might interest UMass fans: " Gus Malzahn's Multiple Attack". Malzahn's Auburn offense has its roots in Tubby Raymond's Delaware wing T. Malzahn bought Raymond's book when he had his first job as an offensive coordinator as a high school coach.

The Hens rang up gaudy numbers in the Yankee Conference and later in the A10. I've always felt a lot of their success was due to their funding. Delaware always had 63 scholarships. UMass had 50 (and sometimes much less). The Hens had more athletes at more positions than any team in the league. But the Wing-T was a tough offense to defend.


USA Today previews Akron (and spends a fair amount of time talking about UMass). Key quote from the preview: "The Zips have issues on offense and defense, not to mention a terribly difficult schedule, so it's difficult to envision a scenario where Akron leaps from one win to say, more than three. I feel secure in predicting one of those wins to come over UMass."


NY Giants image
The NY Giants have a photo album of their mini-camp here.

Michael Cox has a video interview of his first impressions.


Gunner Kiel talks about his transfer to Cincinnati and seems to infer that he did not connect with Chuck Martin who replaced Coach Molnar as Notre Dame's QB coach.



Anonymous said...

Nice action shots of Cox in the Giants album-#29 white. Also noticed Jeremy Horne is listed on the current roster of the Giants.

prof. said...

Horne signed a one-year deal with the Giants yesterday!