Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Morning Odds & Ends

The good folks at Appalachian State have a limited edition commemorative edition print of the UMass-Appalachian State National Championship game out. It's $30.00 from e-Bay.

Matt Dougherty, in his Extra Point column, takes a look back on the recruiting class of 2004 and considers how they're doing.

The last two CAA/A10 teams Maine and Towson, have announced their respective schedules. Both press releases feature National runner-up UMass.

Maine's schedule is a big improvement from 2006. Last year Maine played DII Shaw and Boston College. It takes 9 wins (usually) to get a home playoff game. Eight wins will get you a road at-large bid. With BC a loss, and Shaw not counting towards playoff eligibility, Maine was looking at going 9-0 in the A10 to get a home bid and 8-1 to just make the playoffs. Not easy to do in the tough A10.

This year's schedule has Monmouth, Stony Brook and UConn. Two good I-AA games and a winnable I-A game could have the Black Bears growling in '07.

Towson has won 11 straight OOC games since it joined the CAA/A10. The Tiger's 2007 schedule is a step up. They play CCSU (who wrecked GSU's 2006 season), Morgan State and play Colgate at Hamilton, the old graveyard of UMass' hopes.

Today's blog post is the 1,201 blog entry since we started in May of 2005...


Tom UM '72 said...

Congrats on your over 1200 Blogs!
Always informative and a must read for the UMass fanbase! Hopefully Maine lost more than we did which will make our game up there this year very winnable.

Tom UM '72

UMass74 said...

Why, thank you Tom!

As I said in my very first post, I hope to make the UMass Football Blog both informative and a positive read for UMass fans.

The Blog's readers can pat themselves on the back too. I think I've deleted the grand total of two (2) comments that were either mindless smack or off-the-wall.

Playing the Black Bears in Orono is always a joy. Remember the year McNeese State went up there and Maine mopped the floor with the Cowboys?