Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Performances 2006-------Steve Baylark

In the run to the National Championship game it was easy to overlook the great performances it took to get us there. In a previous blog entry I took a look at Liam Coen's 2006 performance .

This time we'll consider the impact Steve Baylark made in 2006.

  • His 235 yards against Rhode Island was the 10th all time single game total (dropping Jerome Bledsoe's 226 against Richmond in 1991 off the list)
  • His 338 season carries was 3rd all time (he now holds three of the top ten season carries records---2006, 2003 and 2005)
  • Baylark's 1,104 career carries places him 2nd behind Marcel Shipp's 1,215
  • Baylark's 130.7 yards/game was 6th all time for a UMass running back
  • His 15 TDs in 2006 ties him with Garry Pearson (1980) and Paul Metallo (1972)
  • Baylark's 42 career TD's places him 3rd all time behind Rene Ingoglia's 54
  • His 1,960 yards in 2006 places him first in yearly total for a senior (over Garry Pearson's 1,631 in 1982)
  • Baylark's 5,332 career yards places him 2nd all time to Marcel Ship's 6,250
Note that all my figures are unofficial.

All in all, a great performance for Steve and the 2006 Minutemen!

UPDATE: A reader named Football1 has amended a very good comment. Please take time to read it.

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football1 said...

I would like to add that Steve rushed for more yards than any other Division I running back in 2006 (1960 yds.) and for the years 2003-06 (5332 yds.) Now that's consistent PRODUCTION!