Wednesday, March 01, 2006

George Parks elected to Bands of America Hall of Fame

Bands of America has elected UMass Marching Band Director George N. Parks to its Hall of Fame .

The UMass announcement is here. The UMass Marching Band site is here.

This blog has talked about the UMass Marching Band before . One of the great things about UMass football is the atmosphere at McGuirk. Autumn in New England. The UMass Marching band.

Some of Parks achievements:
  • The UMass band is widely regarded as one of the top bands in all divisions of football
  • Won the Sudler Trophy for the best college band in 1998
  • The band has a loyal following of alumni and its reunions are always well attended.
Congratulations George!

The image above is George leading the UMass band at Army. The UMass band's after game concert wowed the Army faithful.


Tom UM '72 said...

Congrats and couldn't be more deserving! As far as loyalty, tenure and support to Umass, he is right up there with Jack Leaman.Hope the University recognizes him in a similar fashion.

UMass74 said...