Thursday, January 19, 2006

Two weeks to go

With two weeks to go until Letter-of-Intent Day (Feb. 1st), the number of published verbals runs as given below. The numbers are from the only I-AA recruiting site: "ShowingBlitz". Note that the numbers are an artifact of press coverage.

High numbers of reported verbals for the southern schools are the result of press coverage by The Richmond Times and Delaware Online both of whom extend extensive college football coverage. Down there when a recruit gives a verbal, it's news. The low totals of the New England schools reflect the lack of press interest...

Remember, the schools themselves can not comment until all the paperwork is received.

  • Delaware 15 verbals
  • JMU 13 verbals
  • Townson 6 verbals
  • Richmond 4 verbals
  • UNH 4 verbals
  • Villanova 3 verbals
  • William & Mary 2 verbals
  • UMass, Maine, Hofstra 1 verbal
  • Rhode Island 0 verbals

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Anonymous said...

You're exactly right - most I-AA schools have a number of verbals at this point, but they are only reported in areas that care enough for it to make the local media.